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Are You Hitting Your Sales Targets?

Are you or your sales people falling short of your sales targets?

When this happens, we normally blame the externals – we blame the quality of leads, we blame the products, we blame the competition, we blame the pricing.

We blame the government and we blame our Managers!

But these are all external factors.

What makes the difference with high performing sales people is how resource full they are.

Let’s make a comparison with high-performing sports teams.

Whether a team wins or loses is dependent upon the players’ skills, fitness, strategies, mindset and knowledge. If any of these elements are lacking in the players then the team loses games.

Similarly, if your salespeople are lacking in skills, fitness, strategies, mindset and knowledge – then they will lose sales.

When was the last time you assessed the Sales Capability of your sales team?

Our research across numerous businesses in manufacturing, insurance, financial services and trade retail has identified that up to 40% of the sales people were ‘C’ grade – they had selling skills that were last century based out of the 1980’s.

This significantly impacted the performance of those businesses.

The reason why these old selling skills don’t cut it anymore is because customers/clients have changed. We have changed, the buying environment has massively changed because of the internet.

The Buyer is so much more informed when they come into the sales interaction, and hence Professional Sales people – no matter what you are selling – need Modern Selling Skills to be able to sell more effectively.

The impact of underperforming sales people on a business is quite devastating and yet it goes under the radar with so many businesses.

As an example, one Industrial Products company that I worked with, had not upgraded their Selling Capability and were constantly competing on price and eroding their margins.

We upskilled their strategies and sales processes in Selling and Negotiating to significantly increase their sales results by over twenty percent.

The first step is that we need to pinpoint exactly what are the factors that are causing targets to be missed. We have a Sales Effectiveness Diagnostic to identify where the tweaks can be made to enable your sales people to be performing at their best, and be smashing their sales targets.

Give me a call and let’s discuss your unique sales environment, challenges and goals to identify if there is a fit with what I can assist you with.

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