Sales Process: The Customer-oriented Effort

Meanwhile, at the forefront of your marketing effort should be the sales process. This covers the actual buyer-seller interaction, wherein the skills of the seller are highly important.

Sellers must be taught NOT to push your products onto the buyer, but to engage the buyer in Collaborative Solution Selling, lest customers would feel overwhelmed and imposed upon.

For positive results, make sure your selling incorporates these behaviours by you or your sales team:

  1. Don’t have a sales pitch mentality – that method of selling is so last century.
  2. Aim to have an engaging dialogue with the buyer, to talk to them easily, to ask genuine questions to know their needs and determine the specific product to solve their requirements.
  3. Introduce the idea behind your product to engage customers on an emotional level, which is more meaningful.
  4. Dare to take risks and don’t hesitate to explore, experiment and innovate to give your customers more reasons to buy your products.
  5. Take your time and don’t nag your customers to buy then and there – trust that your genuine care will shine through and they will see that and make the right decision
  6. Present and discuss your product solutions in an engaging and interesting way with strong use of BENEFITS that link to the buyer’s needs
  7. Thicken your skin against rejection and have the courage to persist.
  8. Add further value
    1. Give rewards to increase customer loyalty.
    2. Offer discounts and freebies to attract more customers.
    3. Follow up on customers to make them feel they’re not neglected.
    4. Fulfil your promises to retain your good reputation and, at the same time, show that you never take your customers for granted.

Once you’re armed with these behaviours and insights, you’ll set yourself apart from your competitors who are still “product and price pushing”.  You can also get more sales insights from this article featuring 62 selling tips from sales experts3.

Marketing and Selling must be aligned in your business – whether your business is small or large.

And every Salesperson, Sales Leader and Entrepreneur must personally market their own Personal Brand and constantly refine their selling skills.

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