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Your Sales Team Could Be Leaving a Lot of Money on the Table. We need to talk!

Based on our research with companies similar to yours in financial services, insurance, manufacturing, medical and trade retail, we have found that these companies are being heavily impacted by a 40% Underperformance Factor with their Sales Teams.

This research has shown that up to 40% of their Sales people have ‘C’ grade selling skills – from the 1980’s. If this is also happening in your business, then this massive loss in sales revenue, missed opportunities and market share can be corrected through Modern Sales Training, Coaching and Performance Capability.

We Could Help You Increase Your Sales By 10-30%

So if you would like to explore new areas to take your Sales to a higher level, fill in your details below to get a much more in-depth Sales Effectiveness Diagnostic. This will help you pinpoint the areas of your Sales Team that can be enhanced, getting them to close more deals and bring in more sales.

But don’t take our word for it - this is what others have said –

Gloreen Goldin, previously National Sales Manager, PRP Diagnostic - “Bill is great to work with. I like the way he gets people out of their comfort zones and really made them think about what they were doing. It was very effective! I loved the fact that as we were going through the sales training program that Bill was ticking all the boxes to make sure everything we asked for had been covered. Bill consulted with us throughout the program and at the end of it I was completely happy with what had been delivered.”

David Hill, General Manager, AIG Insurance – “As a presenter, Bill is great. I particularly like the benefits we get from the skills practice/role plays. I know they are confronting but Bill is very good at facilitating them. Bill creates the environment where they don’t feel threatened and the benefits are significant. Bill creates a comfortable environment, they have heard what they’re supposed to do and then they practise it and have a go. Recently I used Bill’s very practical competency development with a Blue Ocean Strategy specialist firm to help us with our value proposition positioning.”

Paul Vranich, State Sales Manager, NSW Business Chamber – “Bill is someone I can work with and trust. He is cool, calm and collected. I respect how he holds me accountable to use the information given.”

Aleks Gvozdenovic, General Manager, Hunter Douglas Components – “We worked with Bill and he was really, really good with sales development and structure within the team, and how to manage accounts far more effectively.”

Geoff Dunleavy, HR Manager Bradken – “Bill is really good at what he does. He listens, reflects, comes back with answers we may not want to listen to but need to hear – and he creates a program which suits our team. Not a cookie cutter approach! When he enters a room he commands respect and challenges people constructively. He is able to speak with general executives in such a way that they respond well.”