Will vs. Skill

Are you hitting your revenue goals? End of the financial year and it is time to reassess and ensure the right people are in the right roles to hit your revenue goals for this year.  Every Sales Leader/Manager has the challenges of lacklustre performance from one or more team members. Is the Salesperson’s under-performance caused by a lack of knowledge or lack of skills or lack of the right mindset? Is it WILL or SKILL?

We define will as: the desire to achieve; the incentive to complete a task; confidence in one’s abilities; and most especially, having a positive attitude. Skill is the experience an individual has in completing tasks; having adequate capability and knowledge to complete tasks, and one’s natural talents.

To determine whether a ”sales slump” is a result of will or skill, start by sitting down with your Salesperson and asking them :

  1. What’s working for you so far? What’s not working for you?
  2. Where are you seeing your strengths and where are you seeing the things that are holding you back?
  3. Explore into these blocks and seek to uncover whether they are skillset or mindset issues. To determine skills and capability, then ask the person to demonstrate how they are doing what they are doing – in other words, do a mini role play. This is the same as any Sports Coach for example saying “hit me some balls”. From this you can determine what’s working and what’s not.
  4. If there are Mindset issues, then explore the underlying inner fears or inner critic. By acknowledging these and discussing them in a non-judgmental empathetic and listening way, then solutions can often be found to correct and heal the erroneous thinking and feeling.

Connecting in to the successes and the challenges for yourself or your Salespeople will help you determine whether or not the issue is one of will or skill.

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