The Inspire Learning approach to Leadership is that you must first create an aligned group of people who know where they are heading.

The aim of the Team Alignment and Strategy Implementation Workshop is to enhance the performance and integration of a Corporate team and its members.

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Your company's success highly depends on your individual employees and the strength of your team.

In turn, the performance of teams and the people in those teams are enhanced when there is:

  • A clear purpose for the team
  • A vision of what the team is aiming for
  • Guiding principles and/or values that determine the rules of engagement for the team
  • Understanding of each other and the core motivational preferences and communication styles of each person
  • Clarity of roles, responsibilities and a strong commitment to action, follow through and results

This will then significantly improve the performance of the team members and the team because

  • Communication will be improved
  • Purpose and commonality will be shared
  • Diversity will be understood
  • Change will be managed from both a ‘people’ and a ‘process’ perspective


  • The team will agree and align itself around a common purpose, vision and values that will have the team focused on what it needs to achieve
  • The members of the team will have a higher understanding of themselves and their positive and limiting impacts on the smooth and efficient working of the team
  • Understanding of how the individuals handle conflict - personally and in the team – will help to deal with the inevitable stresses that come up in a high performing team
  • Issues impacting the team’s performance and results will be identified and solved
  • Goals, strategies, and plans will be implemented to move the team forward to where it needs to go and what it needs to achieve


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