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Team Engagement – Who’s Responsibility Is It?

Who is responsible for an employee’s engagement?

Is it the Leadership of the company, the one-up Manager or the Employee themselves?

We believe that ultimately it is the responsibility of the individual employee.

Every employee in a small or large organisation has choice as to whether they will stay or leave. And how they will “show up”.

The Art of Deliberate Success supports employee’s Personal Leadership – how they take responsibility and accountability for themselves, and others in their teams and their company.

Personal Leadership = Engagement and Alignment

Personal Leadership – The Art of Deliberate Success - Workshop + Coaching

What is The Art of Deliberate Success Program?

The Art of Deliberate Success is a half day [short version] OR two-day [1+1] workshop & personal coaching program over three months that teaches the 10 Behaviours of Successful People. It helps people professionally and personally to be ‘on-purpose’, to be doing the right kind of work for them, to create balance and success in their lives, and to optimise their effectiveness and productivity.

The content of the program is based on the best-selling book – The Art of Deliberate Success– written by Dr David Keane and published worldwide by Wiley. So far, over 3,000 people have attended the program. The program gets rave reviews with 96% of people rating it either ‘excellent’ or ‘very good’.

What makes it Different?

Unlike other programs that define ‘success’ in terms of management or leadership position, wealth, fame and glamour, TheArt of Deliberate Success program is aimed at everyone within small or large companies because the core belief is that everyone can be successful no matter what their rank, title or salary.

We help your people focus on the type of ‘success’ that is about achieving theirpotential and assisting them to have alignment between their professional and personal lives. This provides each individual and the organisation with a powerful set of tools for engaging their hearts and minds in their work and therefore enhancing their enjoyment, fulfilment and well-being.

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