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Bradken Manufacturing

Training Case Study

Manufacturing Sales

Geoff Dunleavy
Human Resources Manager, Bradken Manufacturing


1. What were the challenges you were dealing with and needed to solve?

Bradken had a legacy of sales people who did not have to work hard to make their numbers. Large clients made up a majority of their clients and very little effort or creativity was required to make target. Changes in the industry (mining) meant that over the last 12 months the company has retrenched 40% of their staff. Needed to understand what the problems were and identify the solutions to fix them.

2. Why did you choose to work with Bill?

I spoke with a few trainers but chose Bill because he didn’t give textbook answers, didn’t have a one size fits all solution and gave his opinion truthfully – even though it wasn’t what we wanted to hear. I really appreciated the fact that Bill told us what we needed to know and spoke up when he thought we were wrong.

3. What have you liked most about the work that Bill has done with you?

Bill takes the time to listen, reflect and gets back to us. He is really good at what he does. Bill demonstrates the capability to listen and chunk things down to simpler modules.

He also took the time to sit with the executives.

4. What results have you achieved that you can attribute to the work that you did with Bill?

What I can say is that the capability of the Sales force is now on the agenda. We are now working with the EGM’s around the performance of the sales teams and discussing their progress, and we are able to put together a strategy and plan. There is a common language within the company now around sales. We are doing more training ourselves to the team where before there was none. People are standing up and listening and want to get involved and there is energy and enthusiasm around these discussions.

The Sales Coaching training next month and ALL the executives are coming to it, which is going to be excellent. It’s been a long 16 month journey but well worth it.

5. In your experience in working with other training providers “by comparison, what does Bill do well and what are things he might consider doing differently/more of/better?

There is nothing Bill would need to do differently. Nothing! Many sales trainers say they can train – Bill is part of a small handful I have met over my 25 years in HR that actually can.

Bill’s knowledge of his subject matter, his industry knowledge, the fact that he can walk into a room and command respect by his very presence makes him outstanding in his field.

He is able to challenge people in a way that is positive.

6. Would you recommend any colleagues or friends that Bill could talk to

Yes, I have

7. What key words would you use to describe Bill Carson?

Bill is really good at what he does. He listens, reflects, comes back with answers we may not want to listen to but need to hear – and he creates a program which suits our team. Not a cookie cutter approach! When he enters a room he commands respect and challenges people constructively. He is able to speak with general executives in such a way that they respond well.