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Meet Bill Carson


Professional Experience

Bill Carson brings expertise in Mental Health and Resilience as a Principal Master Instructor of Mental Health First Aid to organisations in Australia in the following industries – retail, legal, manufacturing , healthcare, aged & community care , and advertising. Bill is also a regular volunteer Lifeline Telephone Crisis Supporter.

Bill Carson has over 20 years experience and expertise in sales, marketing, management, service culture, business development, key account management, facilitation and coaching across a wide range of industries.


His long list of achievements never indicating what was happening beneath the surface.

Through a lived experience of over 30 years’ suffering, ‘hiding’ and overcoming his own depression and anxiety, Bill now blends his personal and professional expertise into developing Mental Health and Resilience solutions for professionals.

Bill has a strong background in personal and professional development, including facilitation and coaching gleaned from many different industries including Manufacturing, Professional Services, Banking and Finance, Insurance, ITC, Healthcare and Retail.

Bill’s Expertise


Mental Health First Aid - Principal Master Instructor


Resilience Coaching


Social and Emotional Intelligence Coaching


Executive Coaching, Train the Trainer and Presentation Skills


Lifeline Volunteer Telephone Crisis Supporter


Leadership, Organisational Culture & Values


Personal Development


Team Alignment and Interpersonal Skills


Sales Training, Sales Coaching, Sales Management, Negotiation Skills


Customer Service Excellence, Call Centres and Service Management

Bill’s Qualifications


B.Sc. University of Melbourne


Diploma of Management – BSB51107


Adult Education and Certificate IV – Training and Assessment – TAE 40110


Certified Coach and Master Trainer in Sales, Leadership and Service


Accredited Mental Health First Aid Master Instructor


Accredited Resilience Coach


Executive Coaching – ICCP (Sydney University)


Institute of Executive Coaching – member since 2003

Personal Experience – My Story.

Challenges with anxiety and depression, and now subsequent freedom through balanced brain chemistry and positive psychology methods.

Ever since I was a young teenager I had suffered from depression and anxiety.
When I was four I had major heart surgery, and my father died in a car accident when I was five, which was very traumatic for me.

I was the eldest of three siblings at the time. My mother remarried five years later and they had three more children. My stepfather’s coping skills were severely challenged, and I experienced a lot of physical and emotional abuse through my teenage years.

mental health training

I had a very rough time in my twenties with depression, and contemplated suicide on more than one occasion. The anxiety had always been there. Fluctuating mood swings were a constant struggle; I would feel up, excited and motivated, and then go into my depressive, anxious cave and procrastinate for weeks and weeks.

about Bill carson

My first marriage was also very challenging. One year into our marriage my wife suffered a debilitating back injury. She had numerous surgeries, unfortunately developed lupus disease, and suffered immensely. She made two suicide attempts.

I had always tried to cope by being positive. For years I have constantly devoured self-help books in an effort to heal, along with occasional therapy sessions.

I am a typical guy in which I attached a lot of shame and weakness to these aspects of my life, so I would keep it to myself, put on the ‘smiling’ face and just keep going! Most people had no idea what was really going on beneath the surface.

I had a particularly difficult time in 2014 when some client work did not go well. I had a pretty rough time with self-blame and guilt. I was suffering from depression, anxiety and panic attacks, with mild thoughts of suicide. At this point my struggles significantly impacted my work – to the extent that it cost me over $100,000 of lost revenue over a 9 month period.

The Breakthrough

In May 2015 I had some ‘divine intervention’, and came across Dr John Gray’s book – “Staying Focused in a Hyper World.” It was here I first started to learn about the impact of brain chemistry on mood.


I also started to learn how to heal my feelings of self-blame, shame and guilt.

Bill and Lee-Anne

A couple of months later, my current wife Lee-Anne went to a workshop on Neuroscience and bought a book for me by Dr Daniel Amen – “Change Your Brain, Change Your Life”. I found this book to be extremely valuable because it explained the relationship of inflammation in various parts of the brain to symptoms such as anxiety and depression.

I then embarked on a substantial research journey and read Dr William Walsh – “Nutrient Power” and Dr Patrick Holford – “Optimum Nutrition for the Mind”, and many others.

What I discovered from all of these specialists was that symptoms may be aggravated by ‘possible’ inflammation in my brain, and an imbalance of my brains’ chemistry, as well as external triggers and stressors.

I went on an intense personal journey of discovery about how my brain works, how I can reduce inflammation and improve the chemical balance, and how to use it more effectively overall.



Finally (as of May 2016), through stabilising dopamine and serotonin levels, training and exercising my brain on mindset and positive psychology, and visiting an excellent nutritional specialist, I am free of the horrible negativity that has followed me my entire adult life.

The net result of all this is that I have found a way to manage depression and anxiety symptoms, and function at my full potential. I’ve even started doing triathlon training.


I am now able to focus on my work and become the best version of myself. Happy, resilient, calm and content. I’m honoured to be able to blend my professional skills and qualifications, with my personal experiences to help companies, and their people ‘stay focused in a hyper world.’

Everyone’s journey is unique; but my story proves it’s worth persisting to find the right balance and brain-training that you need to thrive professionally, and personally.

If any of the above resonates with your own experience or someone you know – then send me a message, I would be happy to chat.


Bill Carson

Reference Books

  1. “Change Your Brain, Change Your Life” by Dr Daniel Amen
  2. “Optimum Nutrition for the Mind” by Patrick Holford
  3. “Staying Focused in a Hyper World” by Dr John Gray
  4. “Nutrient Power” by Dr William Walsh
  5. “Letting Go” by Dr David Hawkins
  6. “Coping With Anxiety” by Dr Edmund Burke
  7. “Uncovering Happiness” by Dr Elisha Goldstein


  1. Lifeline
  2. Beyond Blue

Bill Carson on Giving Back

As a way of giving thanks and applying my experiences to help others, I completed intense Lifeline Telephone Supporter Training. Over the phone I volunteer to assist people who are experiencing crises or challenges in their lives. That, and Mental Health First Aid training in corporate companies is the most important work that I have ever done.


Australians suffer from an anxiety-related condition (3.2 million)

Data shown from the recently published Hilda report is that Anxiety and Depression for men aged 35 and over, has gone up from 17.2% in 2009, to 25.0% in 2017.

That’s a 45.3% increase for males over an eight year period, and it is even higher for women.

My Purpose:


  1. To help people understand all the stress, anxiety and depression triggers, and how they can get to work on fixing themselves, and when necessary to seek out a Specialist.
  2. Help men in particular to hear from other males who are willing to share their journeys. What they experienced, and how they’ve overcome their challenges.
  3. Help people understand what causes anxiety and depression, and learn the range of tools that can help them cope, and expand their mental and emotional fitness skills.
  4. Make a contribution to helping professionals deal with these difficult personal challenges in life, relationships and work.
  5. Leverage my sales training and customer service training by incorporating these business areas into my offerings for companies and individuals.

Since December 2016, I have been doing Lifeline Telephone Volunteer Crisis Support for 4hrs per fortnight.

One eighty

I was really moved to see over 250 guys show up at Avalon SLSC in May 2018 on a cold and wet Monday night.

Subsequently a small group of us started to meet at the surf club on every second Monday night to just open up and be a place where guys over 30 can share what is going on for them in a completely safe and non-judgemental space.

Banksia Project

I have trained as a Banksia Growth Facilitator, and we’re working on getting our first group of men together.