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PRP Diagnostic Imaging

Training Case Study

Medical Sales

Gloreen Goldin
National Sales Manager,
Toshiba Medical
(previously National Sales Manager, PRP Diagnostic)

1. What were the challenges you were dealing with and needed to solve?

Most of the team had a very analytical background not necessarily suited to sales. Bill helped us to communicate much more effectively with our specialists and clients and had us practise and role play.

He made a huge difference in getting us to actually learn the new way of speaking/thinking.

2. Why did you choose to work with Bill?

I trust my instincts and am good at making decisions. I liked Bill’s information and his conversation with me. It was an easy decision to make.

3. What have you liked most about the work that Bill has done with you?

The clarity and structure that Bill provides is easy to follow. At the beginning Bill defined the session structure – what’s going to happen, how long it’s going to be, what’s going to happen at each point.

I found Bill was very good at ‘getting the message’ across and creating relevance for us – whether we were speaking with a specialist or practise manager.

Bill could speak our language and taught us how to speak our customer’s language.

4. What results have you achieved that you can attribute to the work that you did with Bill?

The sales training set a common language within the team and set a clear expectation. We have followed up by reading the workbook, following the process and ‘doing’ the work.

This has set a benchmark for activity and foundation for learning. We have achieved significant business goals and increases in revenue and penetration in key accounts.

5. Were there areas you would have liked to have more done? Were there any areas you would have liked improved?

Nothing I would change! No constructive feedback required – Bill is great to work with. I like the way he gets people out of their comfort zones and really made them think about what they were doing. It was very effective! I loved the fact that as we were going through the sales training program that Bill was ticking all the boxes to make sure everything we asked for had been covered.

Bill consulted with us throughout the program and at the end of it I was completely happy with what had been delivered.

 6. In your experience in working with other training and coaching providers “by comparison, what does Bill do well and what are things he might consider doing differently/more of/better?

I worked with 2 female trainers at the request of the company and found they were full of fake laughter and ‘fluff’, which drove me mad and I couldn’t wait for their 2 day training course to finish.

This is the complete opposite of our great experience with Bill.

7. What key words would you use to describe Bill Carson?

Bill is calm, kind and knowledgeable. He ticks things off as you go through them and then he wraps them up at the end to make sure everything has been done to my/our satisfaction.