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Sense of Style

Training Case Study

Yelda Adal-Hall
Interior Designer, East Melbourne


1. What were the challenges you were dealing with and needed to solve?

My biggest challenge was not having the right mindset, not having the right words to approach potential joint venture partnerships. I didn’t know how to structure my services and offerings. I didn’t know how to package my services up into market friendly bundles. I didn’t know deeply how to value my work at both a professional level and a personal level. I didn’t have effective words to sell my services to a client. I didn’t understand how to listen – I used to rush to speak and ‘sell’ what I did, when talking to prospects and clients.

2. Why did you choose to work with Bill?

I met Bill through a Mastermind group and I realised I needed his help!

3. What have you liked most about the work that Bill has done with you?

So many things! I have achieved important goals in my business – I now have 3 packages in place – Design, Project Management and Decoration. I listen far more effectively and this is now helping me to win more business and at much higher average sales value. I have a new fee structure in place that reflects my value, my clients can see that value and are happy to pay me for my value because of the outcomes and the benefits that it gives to them.

Bill has given me the confidence to have much more effective initial meetings and know it’s a meeting of minds – of equals. I am no longer ‘needy’ in my mindset. Bill has given me a significant boost to my confidence.

4. What results have you achieved that you can attribute to the work that you did with Bill?

Recently a clear win with a client who was ‘wobbling’ last year. I understood the client was an ‘analytical ‘ type person which I had learnt from the work with Bill. Based on this, I went to the big picture plan that we’d agreed and filled in the details with the client. I gave the client options to choose from and the client went ahead and signed up.

There are 2 other projects that I won recently which I link directly to my improved confidence, listening skills and selling skills.

5. In your experience in working with other training providers “by comparison, what does Bill do well and what are things he might consider doing differently/more of/better?

He is genuine and really interested in my success. He cares and that’s a stand out difference. He is readily accessible, making sure I was prepared for my sales appointments. He is always there if I need some morale support or some insights on what to do.

I am thrilled to bits with the work that I have done with Bill and he has ‘elevated’ my professionalism and the work I do.

Most of all, Bill has helped me give myself permission to have confidence in myself.

6. Would you recommend any colleagues or friends that Bill could talk to

Yes I have referred Bill to a colleague and I always make reference to Bill with likely people.

7. What key words would you use to describe Bill Carson?

Bill is caring, professional and knowledgeable