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Bill Carson’s Inspire Learning training workshops and expert coaching is designed to help leaders and their teams grow and thrive professionally, and personally. Your positive learning experience is guaranteed.

Here’s what previous participants say of the Inspire Learning experience…


Mental Health First Aid workshops

Retail, Manufacturing, IT, Law, Childcare – Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane

“Bill is a very engaging authentic presenter bringing to life an understanding of complex conditions with clear steps for action. I feel confident in what to do, how to approach and the importance of self-care.”

Operations Manager

 “This was an excellent course which gave me more understanding of mental health and the confidence to address issues with our people and team. Bill’s facilitation passion and stories were incredibly engaging and highly effective in helping us understand, along with delicate delivery of some very tough content.”

Plant Manager

 “Informative, amazing, humbling. Great Facilitator, Genuine, Leaving me wanting to know more. Practical sessions and real people videos and stories.”

IT Manager

Building Client Relationships

Healthcare – Sydney

“Great presenter, engaging and informative, great to do a sales course, trained as a radiographer and never previously done this training.”


“Excellent workshop run by Bill, he had prepared well, he knew the group, and the content and skills they needed help with. The different levels in the group were also handled well. We need to practice more”

Sales Manager

“I feel much more confident now in doing my role, thanks Bill.”


Communication Skills for Influencing Professionals

Medical – Melbourne

“Bill provided great content that was relevant and focused. Bill really concentrates and makes the sessions relevant.”


“Well rounded program and learnt a great deal of new knowledge.”

Account Manager

“Bill really knows how to get everyone to work together. I need to practice what I have learnt about myself and the way I respond to different personalities.”

Clinical Specialist

Professional Selling Skills

Manufacturing – Brisbane

“Bill was a very good facilitator and held the interest of all over the three days. Easily explained most sectors to maintain direction. Certainly brought my focus back to working more effectively with my customers – practice, practice!”

RSM Rail

“Very happy with the content throughout this course – taught an old dog new tricks!!”

Region Manager, GET

“Found Bill to be very knowledgeable and helpful, and assisted me to look at different ways to approach my customers. The Program was very interesting and I have learnt new skills in which I can apply in my job on a day-day basis.”


More Testimonials…

“Interesting, informative and useful, with practical tools to apply in work and non-work scenarios. Thanks Bill for presenting this info with such care and respect.”

Legal Partner

“Excellent – a course that as many people as possible should be doing. Should be mandatory in all workplaces to have mental health first aid officers.”


“Excellent two days, Bill demonstrated a great depth of knowledge of our business.”


“Bill used a good mix of personal experiences and answered my questions.”


 “I thought it was excellent, relevant and very well presented, thank you Bill. We have a simple methodology to follow and we have a clear way to empower us as mental health first aiders.”

HR Partner

“I feel much more confident now in doing my role, thanks Bill.”


“I learnt so much that not sure on what could improve the workshop.”

Clinical Specialist

“Bill had done his research and was well-prepared”


 “This was very positive, engaging and motivating, and Bill helped us feel like we can make a difference.”

Centre Director

“The feedback on the role play was great, with the tips on how I can improve.”


“Best training course I have been on!!”

Sales & Marketing Manager, GET